About Gallery

When we set out to create a magazine our goal was simple; to create a progressive magazine that is both visually and editorially engaging to entertain a forward thinking  readership. We’ve always had a bit of a thing against the term ‘lifestyle magazine’, a term that covers a multitude of publishing sins. By applying positive design, premium production and the skills of talented artists, designers, writers and illustrators, Gallery sets a benchmark for regional magazine production,  leading where others follow. 

Print may seem a little traditional in the world of phablets but Gallery was purposefully established in the face of digital development on the Channel Island of Jersey in 2004. Whilst always utilising digital communication and promotion for the magazine, Gallery firmly believes in a place for print, a standpoint supported by luxury and high end brands such as LVMH who have actually upped spend in high end print titles.

Gallery has expanded its media for the Channel Islands under the Factory banner to offer a suite of sister publications  in Jersey and has operated under franchise in Guernsey and the Isle of Man. Catering to each island with local knowledge but the engagement and tone of voice, Gallery offers a media choice for companies wishing to attract the attention of savvy, affluent consumers who appreciate design and style. Readerships vary slightly by regional edition, but our focus remains psychographically targeted; principally 20-50 ABC1 but with an inclusive strategy, not limited age and income but bonded by the appreciation and desire for well designed and well presented media that provides an engaging reason to pick us up and take us home.