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The Italian cuisine is considered as a prime example for a ‘perfecto’ cuisine, and is imitated all over the world.


The Italian cuisine is one of the most varied cuisines. Italy was unified in 1861, and the Italian cuisine was reflected by the cultural variety of the regions in Italy and by the Italian history, which was influenced from Greek, Roman, Norman and Arab civilizations. There are therefore many regional differences in the Italian cuisine.

Napoli is considered as the home of pizza and mozzarella and in Rome the pizzas are very thin like crackers, and Neapolitan and Sicilian pizzas are thicker than their counterparts.   The Northern Italian dishes are influenced by French cooking, because of the proximity of the French border. Emilia-Romagna is the number one with wheat production in Italy, and is also known for their stuffed pasta, such as tortellini. The Southern Italian cuisine uses a larger amount of tomatoes, such as in the perfect family supper Chicken Cacciatore.

When Sueco advertised a number of demonstration nights for members of the public to come and witness firsthand some classic Italian dishes being prepared they were overwhelmed with the response. For the past few weeks, members of the public have been visiting the Sueco kitchens on a Tuesday night to watch the chefs prepare hand made pizzas, (including the tossing of the pizza dough in the air!!), fresh egg pasta and homemade tortellini and a great idea for a healthy Italian themed family supper! All of this food can be sampled and washed down with a glass of wine selected by Bucktrouts sommelier to compliment the food on offer!

The recipes are all supplied for you to go home and recreate in the privacy of your own home!


Recipe: Perfecting a pizza dough1196125_47676732_fmt


Pizza dough base

Preparation time; over 2 hours

Cooking time no cooking required

Makes 6 x 8 inch pizza bases


For the dough

650g/1lb 5oz Italian 00 flour (strong white flour)

7g sachet of easy-blend yeast

2 tsp salt

25ml/1fl oz olive oil

50ml/2fl oz warm milk

325ml/11fl oz warm water



Make the dough: mix the flour, yeast and salt together in a large mixing bowl and stir in the olive oil and milk. Gradually add the water, mixing well to form a soft dough.

Turn the dough out on to a floured work surface and knead for about five minutes, until smooth and elastic. Transfer to a clean bowl, cover with a damp tea towel and leave to rise for about 1½ hours, until doubled in size.

When the dough has risen, knock it back, then knead again until smooth, roll into a ball and set aside for 30 minutes to 1 hour until risen again.

Preheat the oven to its highest setting.

Divide the dough into six balls and roll each out onto a lightly floured work surface until 20cm/8in in diameter.

Spread a little passata (or homemade tomato sauce) over each pizza base and top with your favourite toppings.

Bake the pizzas in the oven until the bases are crisp and golden-brown around the edges and any cheese on the topping has melted.


Chefs Tips

Using ‘00’ flour to give the base a lighter, crisper texture. You can freeze the dough after step 3. Divide into 6 balls and wrap each one in cling film. Defrost overnight in the fridge before proceeding with the recipe.



Les Bourgs Cookbook reprintedfront_cover_fmt

A cookbook featuring recipes from the Bailiwick which is raising money for Les Bourgs Hospice has had to be reprinted. Last year, Les Bourgs Hospice held a Hospice-tality for our Hospice fundraiser which encouraged islanders to host an event from tea and cake up to dinner parties with guests making a donation to the hospice. Recipes used by islanders during the fundraising initiative were collated into a book, which also features contributions from Les Bourgs Hospice staff and from well-known island personalities such as chef Tony Leck and butcher Jason Hamon. The A5 book contains 65 recipes from starters and snacks through to desserts and cakes costs £5.50 with all the money going to Les Bourgs Hospice.

‘Each year, Les Bourgs Hospice needs to raise £800,000 to cover the running costs of the many services we provide. All of that is raised through the amazing generosity of the people of Guernsey and so we are always looking at new ways in which we can achieve our target,’ said fundraising administrator Trish De Carteret.

‘We are delighted with how quickly the books have sold as, thanks to the sponsors, all of the money goes to the hospice. There are some lovely recipes in there and it’s the perfect gift.’

The cookbooks are available from the Hospice shops in Mont Arrive and on the Bridge, from the Hospice reception and on the Les Bourgs Hospice website. They are also for sale at Half Moon Café, The Pavilion, Iceland, St Peter’s Cobo and L’Islet Food Halls, Checkers Express outlets, the Bridge and Capelles Shopper and Heritage Guernsey.



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