Gallery Guernsey: A History in three parts

Gallery has operated in Guernsey since 2011. Gallery was established in 2004 in Jersey by sixbynine Ltd/Factory in Jersey. Over the last 10 years it has set the standard for sustainable premium publishing in the Channel Islands.

The original Guernsey franchise to SWN
Following the establishment of a franchise in the Isle of Man in August 2011, it was operated under franchise in Guernsey by Sylvester Wyatt-Nicolle(SWN) between November 2011 and August 2013. Following the breakdown of the parent company, the franchise was withdrawn.

Gallery direct operation
A Guernsey edition was subsequently published and operated by sixbynine Ltd under a Guernsey company ‘factory ltd’ from September 2013 until November 2014 to ensure any failings under the initial franchise were addressed and all businesses that worked with the original franchise operations left with a positive view of the brand.

Just as in other islands, Gallery was categorised and organised, the magazine covered a breadth of subject matters, targeting a mindset rather than an age group. Each month Gallery was themed and is full of cultural and lifestyle features that include a fashion shoot using local fashion, models and stylists, beauty product and treatment reviews, home and property features and profiles, restaurant reviews and food features, local culture and music events reviews and listings, test drives and hardware pages.

Once the magazine was established and operating to a standard we felt suitable, the edition was offered for franchise once again.

Franchise by Qube Ltd
The franchise was purchased by Qube Ltd in December 2014 and operated under a managed franchise with sixbynine supplying support and production from other areas until August 2015 and then solely by Qube Ltd from September until December 2015. Following the dissolution of the franchise arrangement with Qube ltd, Gallery was withdrawn from Guernsey in December 2015. The press statement released is as follows:





Gallery Magazine’s Guernsey franchise has been operated since December 2014 by Qube Ltd. Following a joint decision by the franchisor and the franchisee a decision has been made to terminate the franchise from 1st February 2015.

Following 12 months of operation it became apparent that Gallery’s brand franchise model and the vision for Qube’s Guernsey magazine were no longer a suitable fit.

This closure has no effect on Gallery’s Jersey operation, or any other sixbynine titles. The isle of Man franchise by 221 Ltd is also unaffected. Qube Ltd will continue to publish the GSY property title and their own soon-to-be-announced monthly publication in Guernsey.

For comment please contact Ben Davies at sixbynine on 01534 811100 or Louis Hubbard at Qube on 01481 701602