Media Packs

Whilst the offshore islands in which Gallery has operated share the same breadth of both creative and affluent aspirationally driven audiences, we cater to a unique population, both demographically and psychographically in each location. As such, the print run of our editions vary by island and this is reflected in the rates and packages designed by edition.

Jersey caters to a target audience of 26,000 ABC1s between the core ages of 20-50. With a 2.5-3 read-on, we produce 10,000 print editions and enjoy a strong following in social media and wide digital readership through our issuu digital edition. Following market trends and continuing to consider the wider economic situation, we have managed to freeze our rates for the 4th year running for 2015, offering better value every year.
Gallery Jersey Rate Card

Guernsey has an population of 60,000 compared to the 100,000. When we operat the Guernsey edition we adjust both the printed edition print run and page rate to reflect our experience operating in other islands. As such, the audience size of 18,000 has led to a stabilisation in print run to 6,000 printed editions a month. For the latest ratecard for Gallery Guernsey email

The Isle of Man operates as a successful franchise by 221 Ltd. Sharing content and philosophy with our our Channel Island editions, Gallery IOM offers unique Manx elements and caters to the audience utilising 221’s local knowledge. Since establishing in 2011, Gallery IOM has firmly positioned itself as the Isle of Man’s quality periodical, offering a strong following both in print and online. 8,000 editions a month are circulated. For the latest ratecard for Gallery IOM email

Across all three islands, Gallery is able to offer the advertiser unparalleled lifestyle focused coverage of UK offshore jurisdictions. With a combined 50,000+ affluent readers in print and online and 15,000 social media follower, we can help you communicate in a trusted media environment to a desirable audience for your premium brand. If you’d like to discuss tri-island opportunities with Gallery, please email