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The Bacon Scented iPhone Alarm Clock

 Many vegetarians say that the aroma of bacon blipping away under the grill is the one thing tempts them towards a meatier existence.  One cannot deny the beauty of that thick, heady smell first thing in the morning.  If bacon is your thing this bacon-scented alarm clock may be just the ticket to a fresh, early start every day of the week.  However, be careful, you wouldn’t want to pick it up in a slumbery daze and starting chowing it down.  Wouldn’t taste very nice.


Android Wear

The recently announced Android Wear is a version of the Google operating system designed especially for wearable devices, with a special focus on watches.  Wearable computing is where the world is going right now.  With Google Glass just round the corner, which is designed to work alongside devices like this, it is only a matter of time before we are all acting like James Bond, talking into our wrist watches, snapping photos with our specs and murdering baddies with fountain pens.


Beldray Hand Held Steam Cleaner

Looking like a strange creature from one Beatles’ more psychadelic movies, this funny looking device uses high pressure steam to clean the hardest to reach places.  It will remove grease and grime from your kitchen, bathroom, car and much more.  It comes with a mass of accessories giving you the ability to clean everything from dirty windows to the remnants of whatever the cat last brought in.

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DJI Phantom Aerial Dome

This amazing piece of technology lets you fly your GoPro wherever you like, giving you ability to snap awe-inspiring aerial shots of all sorts of things.  With a range of almost 1000 feet and a whole suite of stability related features it’s perfect for those budding photographers and videographers out there.  Just think of the possibilities, you could video your cat going about its daily business.  Or you could use it to go and collect your lunch from the shop around the corner, without even leaving your desk!


Feddz Electric Bike

Shaped like a motorcycle, this futuristic electric bike would make cruising around the island both a fun and stylish experience.  It comes with a huge amount of storage space where the engine would normally be and it even has a USB port for charging all of your wearable gadgets (see above).  It comes in two flavours, with the top end model capable of achieving a mind blowing 45km/h.  You certainly wouldn’t have to worry about being stopped for speeding, however I’m not sure how well it would handle the Val De Terres.


Shelfie Bike Mount

For those of you who love cycling but hate the chaos and clutter that inevitably comes with storing your bike in the house, the Shelfie Bike Mount is the perfect product for you.  Find a spare bit of wall, screw in the mount and you’ve got a neat storage solution for your bike and all of its various accoutrements.  I wonder if it could handle the Feddz Electric Bike?


Tribord Easybreath

The Tribord Easybreath is one of those amazing ‘why didn’t I think of that’ inventions.  Gone are the days of snotty snorkels, mouthfulls of sea water and foggy masks.  The Tribord allows you to breath as naturally under water as you do out of water and with a mechanism that blocks the snorkel when immersed you’ll never inhale any sea water again.  With its full face coverage it gives you a full, unobstructed 180 field of vision and with a big orange blog on the end of the snorkel you certainly won’t go unnoticed as you waddle down the beach in your flippers.


LG Smart Fridge

The one thing I have always wanted in life is a wifi fridge.  I mean, think about how life changing it could be.  For example it could, err, go on the Internet and stuff.  Joking aside, this chilling wonder of modern technology does literally connect to the Internet.  It can tell what food is inside the fridge so that you don’t have to even look inside, what is about to expire and it can even make suggestions on ingredients to buy to create a delicious main course dish!  Tie that in with its top energy star efficiency rating and this fridge is definitely a product for the modern household.


Biolite Camp Stove

This is the kind of device that will save the day in the post apocalyptic future that we are all heading towards at a rather frightening rate.  As well as being a classic camp stove that allows you to cook your beans, it uses the heat from your burning twigs to generate electricity that can be used to charge any USB connected device.  How cool is that!  When global warming takes over the world and life as we know it ends, it is this device that will save the day.  A bit disappointed that it doesn’t have wifi though?


Surf Sauna

If, like some of the nutters on this island, you insist on surfing throughout the entire Winter then this portable sauna could be just the trick to allow you to stay out for just that bit longer.  There is however a bit of stock shortage in that the manufacturers have only managed to produce one of these surf saunas.  Once they sell it they are going to make a couple more.  I for one really hope this product takes off; what a little piece of genius and look how beautifully it is made!  Perfect for the cold Guernsey sea, though at $17,950 plus postage from the US you would need a job in finance to buy one.


Words | Patrick Cunningham


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